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Our story begins on a hot summer day in Montreal. While almost everyone celebrated the summer weather with no care in the world, a young man stood concerned, constantly checking the size of his underarm sweat stains.

After years of struggling to find a fashionable product that could eliminate these sweat stains, it became clear to this man that it was something he needed to create or the issue would continue to persist. A year later, he founded Social Citizen. Summer weather and anxiety provoking situations were no longer an obstacle, they became an opportunity to help a community. Today, Social Tee's are sold worldwide!

The Mission

The Social Tee, which has hidden sweat-proof technology in the each underarm of the T-Shirt is fashionable, comfortable and provides a huge confidence boost to those who struggle with their underarm sweat stains. The issue of underarm sweat stains couldn't be solved with puffy undershirts, added layers or baggy clothes. Check out our info section to see "How Our Product Works."

Social Citizen is all about supporting our community with positive solutions and making a difference one person at a time.

Whether it's hot weather, exercise, hyperhidrosis, social anxiety or any other reason that you sweat, we have your back!



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