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How Our Product Works

  How Our Product Works The only sweat-proof product on the market that looks like a regular T-Shirt! Want to know how we do it? The Social Tee has hidden pads in each underarm of the shirt. Each pad is thin and adjustable for your comfort. Say goodbye to sweat stains! Our innovative sweat-proof pad is composed of 3 layers Water Resistant Layer - The first layer of the pad feels like traditional T-Shirt material with the intention of increasing your comfort. Absorbent Layer - The secret sauce! Our special materials expand to absorb water to stop it from reaching the exterior of the shirt. Waterproof Layer - No sweat stains can get past here! Some of the thinnest waterproof...

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5 Ways To Get Rid Of Sweat Stains On Your Clothes

Do you ever get so sweaty to the point that you're embarrassed about your underarm sweat stains? Simple solution: The Social Tee. Those who sweat excessively often deal with unfortunate sweat stains under their arms and sometimes they even turn into permanent yellow stains. Here are 5 tips and tricks to get you living worry-free about underarm sweat stains: 1. Wear a Social Citizen T-Shirt Social Citizen offers a T-Shirt with thin sweat-proof technology hidden inside the underarm of the shirt. The Social Tee is designed to be fashionable, comfortable and it completely eliminates underarm sweat stains! Often wearing an undershirt causes more heat to be trapped, which causes individuals to sweat even more. The Social Tee looks exactly like...

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4 Reasons You Sweat Excessively

There are many reasons why a person may experience excessive sweating - ranging from very simple explanations to those that are a little more complex. Let's start simple! 1. It is hot Put simply, some days are hot. When the core body temperature rises, sweat is secreted from the skin to regulate that temperature and bring it back to a normal level. Sweat on the surface of your skin makes you feel cooler. When the sweat evaporates from your skin it does most of the magic of removing the heat. It's also important to note that on humid days, sweat evaporates slower. Hot weather or packed rooms with no air conditioning can contribute to your core body temperature rising, which...

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