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How Our Product Works

Our products have the best sweat proof technology and it's all invisible to the outside world. Learn more about how they work!
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How Our Product Works

The only sweat-proof product on the market that looks like a regular T-Shirt! Want to know how we do it?

The Social Tee has hidden pads in each underarm of the shirt. Each pad is thin and adjustable for your comfort. Say goodbye to sweat stains!

Our innovative sweat-proof pad is composed of 3 layers

  1. Water Resistant Layer - The first layer of the pad feels like traditional T-Shirt material with the intention of increasing your comfort.
  2. Absorbent Layer - The secret sauce! Our special materials expand to absorb water to stop it from reaching the exterior of the shirt.
  3. Waterproof Layer - No sweat stains can get past here! Some of the thinnest waterproof fabrics to exist are used in this layer as a final stopping point for the remaining sweat.

Most T-Shirts that you find online in this category are undershirts with puffy underarms and visible seams.

But check it out! Can you see any pad on the exterior of the shirt? Nope, because it's not there.

grey t-shirt underarm sweat sweat-proof stains

Social Citizen makes the only T-Shirt on the market that stops embarrassing sweat stains in a fashionable way. Say goodbye to undershirts, say goodbye to anxiety about sweat stains and enjoy life!


Size Chart

S Chest 34 - 36 in / 86 - 91 cm

M Chest 38 - 40 in / 97 - 102 cm

L Chest 42 - 44 in / 107 - 112 cm

XL Chest 46 - 48 in / 117 - 122 cm

XXL Chest 50 - 52 in / 127 - 132 cm


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