How Our Sweat Proof Materials Work

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Social Citizen Sweat Proof Technology

The only sweat proof products that look like regular, fashionable shirts!

With sweat proof material, sweat proof fabric and our very own sweat proof technology, we’ve created fashionable, seamless solutions to prevent your sweat stains. We believe strongly in a fashion-first approach to sweat proof materials. Want to know how we do it?

Our Sweat Proof Materials

Our sweat proof shirts contain hidden sweat proof pads in each underarm, thin and adjustable for your comfort. When putting on the shirt, place your arm through the sleeve above the sweat proof pad. Then, simply reach inside from the bottom of the shirt, pull the pads in towards the body and flatten them out for optimal appearance. Say goodbye to armpit sweat stains!

Our innovative sweat proof pad is composed of 3 layers:

1. Water Resistant Layer - The first layer that touches your skin feels like traditional t-shirt material. It is made with mesh cotton for a soft, wicking texture. It’s easy to forget the pad is even there! 

2. Absorbent Layer - The secret behind our super-effective sweat pads is within our absorbent layer. Our sweat proof materials expand to absorb water, stopping moisture from reaching the exterior of your shirt.

3. Waterproof Layer - No sweat stains can get past our waterproof layer. We use some of the thinnest waterproof fabrics to exist, coated on soft cotton. This layer is the final stopping point for any of your remaining sweat.

Our Sweat Proof Fabrics

We choose cotton for all of our sweat proof shirts.

Cotton is among the best moisture-wicking, fast drying fabrics with comfortable texture. We also use a small amount of spandex for comfortable flexibility in our sweat proof t-shirts and choose piqué cotton for fashionable texture in our polos.

  • Sweat Proof T-Shirts: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
  • Sweat Proof Polos: 100% Piqué Cotton

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