While Social Citizen was founded in Montreal in 2019, its story begins several years earlier on a hot summer night.

Max, the creator of the company, discovered for the first time that he had large underarm sweat stains on his T-Shirt. The embarrassing circumstance was pointed out to him by a group of people loudly from across the room at a dinner party. Embarrassment.

The feeling of embarrassment was so overwhelming, it could make anyone feel insecure. If you're browsing through this website, you probably know the feeling.

We created Social Citizen to solve the issue of sweat stains in social situations. "We noticed a hole in the niche market where no fashionable sweat proof t-shirts existed and we wanted to help solve this problem." People who sweat excessively deserve to feel confident in social situations and should be able to look good all at the same time. As corny as it sounds, we made these shirts for you.