What's the Best Antiperspirant for Excessive Sweating?

What's the Best Antiperspirant for Excessive Sweating?

This article will do just that! We'll give you some of the essential information you need about antiperspirants and how they can help you control your hyperhidrosis. If you've been wondering how to approach this, read on to learn more about choosing the best antiperspirant. 

Finding the best antiperspirant can make a huge impact on your life. Some of them are excellent for people with hyperhidrosis and can control the odor that comes from excessive sweating. 

However, not all antiperspirants can give you the same results, which is why it's crucial that you have a deeper understanding of hyperhidrosis and antiperspirants to aid you in your buying process. 

This article will do just that! We'll give you some of the essential information you need about antiperspirants and how they can help you control your hyperhidrosis. If you've been wondering how to approach this, read on to learn more about choosing the best antiperspirant. 

What is Hyperhidrosis?

When people sweat excessively, even when they're not exercising or exposed to high levels of heat, their sweat drips off certain parts of their body and soaks through their clothes. This type of excessive sweating can affect their self-esteem and confidence and build feelings of anxiety or embarrassment because of their situation.

According to Mayo Clinic, these are the symptoms of hyperhidrosis that often require medical attention: 

  1. Excessive sweating that interferes with daily routines 
  2. Social withdrawal is caused by the excessive sweating
  3. A sudden increase in sweating that isn't normal
  4. Unexplainable night sweats

When a person has these symptoms, they’re likely to suffer from hyperhidrosis and could seek out medical attention. The sweat glands can become overactive and produce more sweat to cool the body even when there isn't any physical activity or a rise in body temperature. 

In some severe cases, doctors recommend getting surgery to reduce the impact of the sweat glands on the body. With milder cases, doctors may recommend using antiperspirants to control the condition. Don’t panic, hyperhidrosis is super common and not life threatening. 

How to Keep Dry and Smelling Fresh

Hyperhidrosis can make people feel incredibly uncomfortable because of the excessive moisture on their bodies and the unusual odor that develops due to uncontrollable sweating. If you struggle with this, then it's vital that you try to keep dry so that you can also smell fresh. 

One of the best ways to do this is by using antiperspirants designed to fight odor and keep your excessive sweating at bay. These antiperspirants are a godsend because they block your sweat ducts to help avoid sweat from reaching the surface of your skin and making you uncomfortable. 

Healthline recommends these tips for keeping dry and smelling fresh: 

  1. Use prescription antiperspirants 
  2. Wear breathable fabrics 
  3. Avoid spicy foods and caffeine 

These three things can help you reduce your sweating because the antiperspirants can block your sweat ducts, the breathable fabrics are often sweat-proof, and avoiding spicy foods/caffeine can make a big difference. These are pretty easy to do, including buying breathable fabrics. 

We recommend getting sweat-proof undershirts or t-shirts and making them a part of your wardrobe. When paired with antiperspirants, you can significantly reduce the sweating and staining of your clothes.

The Best Antiperspirants for Excessive Sweating

The Best Antiperspirants for Excessive Sweating

Antiperspirants vs. Deodorants

Deodorants don't prevent sweating. They may smell great, but they don't do much else other than keep your underarms fresh and smelling good. On the other hand, antiperspirants are designed to block your sweat ducts and can be an excellent tool for people who deal with uncontrollable sweating. 

If you're mainly interested in fighting odor, we'd recommend deodorants because they are designed to do. Most of them have strong fragrances that help combat foul odors. 

However, if you have hyperhidrosis, you should probably stick to antiperspirants because they will help you the most and help you reduce your sweating if you don't know the best one to choose, consult your doctor to get a prescription. 

Top Antiperspirants to Combat Excessive Sweating

If your hyperhidrosis isn’t severe enough to require medical attention, then you can still consider these antiperspirant options: 

  1. Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant - available on Amazon for $9
  2. SweatBlock Antiperspirant Wipes - available on Amazon for $20
  3. Certain Dri Clinical Antiperspirant - available on Amazon for $6
  4. Mitchum Clinical Antiperspirant (for women) - available on Amazon for $9
  5. Dove Clinical Protection (for men) - available on Amazon for $8

Most antiperspirants cost less than $20, so you should be able to find something that is affordable and helpful for your hyperhidrosis. You can even experiment with different ones to see which ones bring the best results. Even using antiperspirant wipes during the day can add an extra layer of protection to combat your excessive sweating. 

Remember that if none of these work for you, you may need to seek medical advice.

How Social Citizen Sweat Proof T-Shirts Can Help You

Using antiperspirants to block your sweat ducts and reduce excessive sweating is a good start in managing your hyperhidrosis. However, using antiperspirants alone is not enough because there are other factors that may need to change if you want to improve your quality of life. 

One of those is by adding more breathable fabrics to your wardrobe. This means that you need undershirts and even t-shirts that are designed to be sweat-proof. This way, even if you do sweat a bit during the day, it won’t soak through your clothes and leave visible marks on your shirts.

It will give you more peace of mind knowing that your antiperspirant is working together with your sweat-proof clothing to combat excessive sweating. Social Citizen has a wide collection of sweat-proof shirts that are both fashionable and comfortable. 

Social Citizen has sweat proof shirts for men that look great and come in different colors. There is also a wide array of options of sweat proof shirts for women that are available for purchase. These shirts stop 100% of underarm sweat stains and are great when you pair them with your clinical antiperspirant. 

When you combine the two, then you’re even more likely to go through the day without having sweat soaking through your clothes and making you feel uncomfortable or anxious. By reading this far, you are one step closer to making a real difference in your life! Follow our tips and you’re more likely to have a much better experience in controlling your hyperhidrosis. 

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