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Does Shaving Armpits Reduce Sweat and Eliminate Sweat Stains?

Lots of people ask us, will shaving your underarms help you eliminate sweat stains? Find out here!
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Is there anything worse than having to worry about underarm sweat stains? If this is something you struggle with, it’s likely there are several things you’ve tried up to this point to remove the stress of sweaty armpits from your life.

Looking at the question: will shaving your underarms eliminate sweat stains? The answer is not completely yes, but it can help. 

3 Reasons Shaving Your Underarms Can Help

Keeping Cool Temperatures

1. Hair on our underarms can trap in heat. One of the reasons we sweat excessively is because our internal body temperature rises and our body is trying to cool us down. With less hair on the underarm, heat won’t be trapped in making your temperature rise.

Lingering Sweat

2.Sweat from the underarm can get trapped in the hair and cause it to linger around longer in our armpits. This gives the sweat a home to pool up and gives your clothing more time to interact with the wet area.

Let the Antiperspirant Work!
3. Antiperspirant deodorants get the chance to work their magic more easily. If you use antiperspirants as a method to eliminate your sweat stains, oftentimes they don’t work as well as they could because most of the product gets stopped by underarm hair. Without the hair, you get more use of the roll on.

    If you’re looking for ways to eliminate sweat stains and are considering shaving your armpits as an option, while it can help we feel it’s much easier to use a simple and natural product: The Social Tee

    Instead of spending plenty of time every week maintaining hairless underarms, throw on an all in one sweat proof T-Shirt from Social Citizen and never worry about underarm sweat stains again!

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