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These shirts do EXACTLY what they are designed to do! Great product!

Fantastic customer service

I had a little bit of a complicated order request and Winnie + team went above and beyond to help make it happen. Their communication was clear, fast, friendly, and incredibly helpful. I am happy to be making my second purchase with this store, and know from my prior purchase the quality will be more than worth it. Thank you so much!



I have been worrying about sweat stains on and off for approx 12 years. GF bought me the 3-pack with the different colors and they have been clutch.

First time buyer and reviewer

Truly thrilled at the moment with this product. This is the only sweat proof shirt that has worked for me. Photo from arriving home after work. Arrived fairly quickly to where I am in the UK. Thanks!

V-necks all the way

I am pleased to report no sweat stains after testing once on a date and another full day out and about (I live where it's always hot and would usually have sweat showing). v-necks all the way!

Bought a few more and happy to leave a review about them. Working in NYC and always needing to replace my regular button down shirts because of yellow staining. These last longer and do the job

Sweat Proof Dress Shirt for Men
Michael M. (Product Tester)

Got to test this dress shirt at a wedding. Finally felt confident enough to take my suit jacket off. Nice work, thanks SC!

Sweat Proof Dress Shirt for Men
Rich K. (Product Tester)

As someone who sweats in the office and wears a white button-down every day, this one solves a lot of problems.

Cool AF, and also super practical.

Presenting in boardrooms? Coffee’s for closers? Best shirts ever. Look cool on their own. And best friend when you’re wearing expensive wool/leather over top and want to look after your threads. My new fav. Great value as well and will eventually have an entire drawer full.

Couldn't sing enough praise!!

These shirts are absolutely amazing! I'm someone who can go outside in 80 degree weather for two minutes and get huge sweat stains. After trying countless remedies for both sweat and sweat stains, these shirts were the first and only product I've found that consistently and completely prevented sweat stains. For the first time in a very long time, I can go about my life without worrying at all about armpit stains. And every time I've spoken with the people behind Social Citizen, they were friendly, informative, and clear. The only downside I have is I think the necklines on the v necks and crew necks are a bit too high for my liking (both fall right on my collarbone), but that's just a personal preference.

Life changing

Only ordered one T-shirt to test out, and I will absolutely be ordering more ! Wore it for an entire work shift and not one sweat stain. Very comfortable and looks like a regular classic tshirt . Hoping for more styles in the future to order . Thank you for making these .

Big moment of no sweat stains!!

Photo context: This was a big moment for me. At a backyard gathering and normally I would be drenched with sweat stains. If you can tell, I'm smiling and you can see there is no sweat stains on the underarm. Not sure why my arm is like that. Photo was taken by my gilfriend, who encouraged me to leave this review! Very happy with these sweat proof shirts from Social Citizen. Got a medium black shirt for men

Saves money as well as stopping the sweat stains

The bonus for me at least is that these shirts last longer than any other shirts I have. I usually ruin my other shirts from the deodrant stains etc. I understand that the main focus is the sweat stopping etc but it's a good clothing investment. Was happy to leave the review when I got the request.

Very helpful sweat proof shirts overall. I got the white to use as an undershirt and navy to wear on its own and they both stopped the sweat and fit as expected. Reccomend for others who deal with sweat

Love it

Happy with my purchase! Saw them on Dragons Den and I sweat a lot, even in winter! The t-shirt is thick and high quality. The pads do a create job at absorbing sweat. I tested the t-shirt during a conference call since I sweat a lot during those and this t-shirt did the job! Great work

Looks like a great tshirt but keeps sweat and sweat stains away!!! Really works!!

LOVE this sweatproof shirt because it works and has no puffy seams or sweat pads showing. We've tried other sweat proof shirts but didn't like them because you could see huge panels or puffy seams. I love that this shirt has hidden panels - the underarm area looks like a normal shirt from the outside which is really important. On the inside, the sweat pads are right where you need them and comfortable, you forget they are even there. The shirt itself is soft and looks great.


So I received my order about 2 weeks ago (3 pack of white in size medium) and truthfully they're the first sweat proof shirts to work for me. Most importantly, they did stop the sweat from showing. I've also never seen one constructed this way. The brand tries to accomplish it looking like a regular shirt without showing the sweat pads. They do accomplish this. I will say it does feel different for maybe the first 2 minutes of wearing it but you get used to it pretty quickly.

The most interesting thing after wearing them is that when you go back to a regular shirt, you kind of miss the supportive feeling of the pad. Anyways, for fit I'd say it's pretty standard. If you want it to be skin tight for undershirt purposes I'd go a size down but it's pretty true to size. I plan to order v-neck for that and the pink and grey tees for going out. Would recommend for any sweaty friends out there looking for a solution.

Life changing

I was not expecting much from a tshirt company I found through TikTok but wow these are the real deal! Worked wonders for me. I can't wait to get more. I hope in the future there are long sleeves, turtlenecks, and cropped tops too!

Husband loves them!

Got them for my husband’s birthday and he absolutely adores them!

Love it!

These shirts work so much better than any other brands I have worn in the past. The large pad is awesome!

Haven't worn white or grey in years

It was high school the last time I was able to wear any colour shirt besides black to try and hide the gigantic sweat stains under my arms; these shirts are the only shirts I've ever found that I can wear with NO stains at all, and I am a VERY heavy sweater. These shirts are fantastic, will be buying more and hoping that more colours and styles will be released.

Wearing a white t-shirt for the first time since I'm 20

white tshirt with jeans used to be my favorite outfit but my underarm sweat would show too much once i started sweating around 20 years old. with the crewneck from your company i finally can


Wasn't for me. Could see how it could be helpful for someone else

Shirt thoughts

Overall works well. Felt a bit damp in the underarm area, but then again as my friend says that would happen in any shirt when I'm sweating like this

I use the white shirt under a quarter zip sweater that I would normally get sweat stains through. worked very well on the first week back at work since the pandemic began. strongly recommend. happy to leave this review