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The 7 Best Sweat-Proof Undershirts for Men: Keeping Cool and Looking Sharp

From staining and soaking your clothes to making you feel self-conscious, excessive sweating isn’t too pleasant. That’s where sweat proof undershirts come in. Made specifically to help with this issue, they’re a popular choice for a reason. In this article, we’ll share the best sweat-proof undershirts that you can buy. Check it out below. 
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Undershirts are a pretty common practice for men. If you’re a particularly sweaty guy, it’s especially worthwhile to wear an undershirt. While sweating is absolutely normal and nothing to be ashamed of, when you perspire more than the average person, it can get a bit problematic.


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The best sweat-proof undershirts for men in white v-neck. | Social Citizen

What Is a Sweatproof Undershirt and Why Do Men Wear Them?

A sweat proof undershirt is a shirt specifically designed to help with perspiration. These are often made of fabric that is either breathable, sweat-wicking, or both, and can be worn under regular clothing to help stop your sweat from showing on your outer layers. Men who swear by sweatproof undershirts love them for their ability to keep them comfortable, prevent damage to their favorite clothing items, and offer all-day confidence to stay looking fresh and dry. 

The Style of Undershirts

Sweat-proof undershirts come in several styles. Some are made to be as invisible as possible under an outside layer. This means they are thin, sleeveless, cut tight to the body, and have a fairly long cut to make it easier to tuck them into pants. 

Other sweat-proof undershirts, however, opt to more closely resemble a normal t-shirt. This gives them the benefit of being able to offer double-duty: you can either wear them under your other clothes or even as a shirt all on their own. V-necks are a popular choice to help conform under a collar. Crew necks are another popular option for more coverage at the base of one’s neck. Both are especially useful if you find yourself wanting to take off your outer layer for whatever reason and have your undershirt look like any other piece of clothing rather than showing its hand as a sweat-proof garment. 

The Benefits of Undershirts

There are many reasons why somebody would want to wear an undershirt, with a number of advantages that come with the sweat-proof variety. Here are just some of the ones we want to point out. 

1. Wicking Away Sweat

Whether you’re sweating because it’s a hot day outside, you’re exercising, or simply because you’re nervous, getting all wet in your clothes is not exactly comfortable. While regular clothes might absorb that sweat, getting heavy and moist (sorry for using that word), sweat-proof undershirts are able to actually wick the moisture away from your body so that you don’t feel damp on your skin. 

2. Keeping You Cool

While you may think that the best way to keep cool in hot temperatures is to wear as few layers as possible, this way of thinking is actually misleading. The truth is that many sweat proof undershirts are made out of cooling fabrics that can actually be much more comfortable and feel better in the hot weather than only wearing one layer. 

3. Absorbing Perspiration

If you sweat heavily without wearing a sweat-proof undershirt, your sweat will probably soak into your clothes leading to sweat stains and damage to the fabric. With an undershirt, however, you can protect your outer layers and absorb your perspiration so that it doesn’t show through on the outside. You may also find yourself sweating less in a sweat proof undershirt because you don't have to worry about embarrassing sweat stains showing through.

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7 Best Sweat-Proof Undershirts for Men 

1. Social Citizen

Our number one pick for the best sweat-proof undershirt on the market is Social Citizen, offering the Social V-Neck and the Social Tee in white. What sets this option apart from the pack is that either look just like a normal, fashionable t-shirt. This means that you can wear these sweat proof shirts under your clothes or as stylish t-shirts all on their own.

2. Ejis

Ejis offers a variety of options for you to choose from including different styles (crewneck, V-neck, and deep V-neck) and cotton or micro modal or spandex blend. They also come in the long length and slim cut that make them easier to use specifically as an undershirt.

3. Thompson Tee

Thompson Tee’s Hydro-Shield system wicks sweat away from your body, allowing it to evaporate. They’re made with a flat, tagless collar and a longer length to make them easier to stay nice and hidden under your outside clothes.


4. ItsDri

ItsDri’s sweatproof undershirt is made with a modal fabric with a copper inner layer to help with body odor. The long length helps keep the shirt tucked in even as you move around. The men’s version comes in a v-neck style with a slim fit.

5. Kleinert's

Kleinert’s undershirt is hand-sewn and has added stretch to allow for comfortable movement. It’s a couple of inches longer than your standard t-shirt to prevent bunching and make for smoother tucking.

6. SweatShield Undershirt

Made with cooling technology to help regulate your body temperature, the Sweatshield Undershirt is also designed for tucking with an extra-long length. This undershirt has a reputation for being very effective at stopping sweat from showing and has been around for a long time.

7. NanoDri

Japan-based NanoDri’s products are made for heat relief, including a sweat-blocking undershirt that is made with two layers: one on the inside to absorb sweat and one on the outside to block sweat. 

How Social Citizen Sweat Proof T-Shirts Can Help You

Not sure if you want to keep a closet full of shirts that only serve one purpose? Consider trying out Social Citizen’s Social Tee crew neck, which does double duty as a sweat-proof tee that you can also wear as an outside layer with any stylish outfit. With a fashionable cut and coming in six easy-to-wear neutral colors, the Social Tee is in no way obvious about the fact that it’s sweat-proof.

That being said, it’s still an incredibly effective way to stay fresh and dry. In fact, it’s guaranteed to stop 100% of sweat stains. Made with a hidden underarm pad containing anti-microbial, odor-fighting bamboo, the Social Tee allows you to feel confident knowing your sweat won’t show.

One of our loyal customers, Tristan, offers this to say in his review about his experience with Social Citizen sweat proof shirts: "Of all the sweat proof shirts I've tried, and I believe I've tried them all, Social Citizen is by far the best sweat proof undershirt. The sweat proof pad is the only one that fully stopped my sweat from showing. On a hot day, I don't have to wear anything over it. Great stuff!"

Check it out today to see the power of the sweat proof undershirt yourself.

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