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The Best Sweat Proof Shirts for Women

Compare top brands of sweatproof shirts for women, from fashionable tees to sweat-wicking undershirts.
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As women, we’re often in situations in which we’re expected to look our best. The last thing we want is to be caught on a date or at an important professional event with visible sweat stains. Yet we’re humans too, and we sweat just like anybody else. So how can we avoid sweating through our clothes, especially in the summer or when we’re particularly nervous?

There’s actually a solution that’s been a well-kept secret for far too long and we’re ready to tell you about it: sweatproof shirts. That’s right, modern technology can do pretty much anything, including preventing sweat stains. In this article, we’ll explore the best sweatproof shirts for women. Check them out below.


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What Is a Sweatproof Shirt?

A sweatproof shirt is exactly what it sounds like: a shirt specifically designed to help with perspiration. They come in many different brands, styles, colors, and functions. Some sweatproof shirts are made with breathable fabric to help you stay cool and sweat less. Others are made with sweat-wicking fabric that pulls the sweat away from your skin to evaporate. Others include built-in underarm pads to absorb sweat and prevent sweat stains. The best ones have a combination of all of these features, using a multi-prong approach to keep you comfortable, fresh, and dry all day.

Looking for a sweatproof shirt you can be sure will work? Social Citizen’s sweatproof Social Tee is guaranteed to stop 100% of sweat stains.

Sweatproof Shirts & Style

If you’re style-conscious and enjoy fashion, like many of us do, you might be hesitating about the idea of a sweatproof shirt, assuming that it’s not going to look good. And the reality is that some sweatproof shirts really do have a bizarre look to them, with bulky seams and weird cuts that make them an eyesore. But others actually are indistinguishable from a normal t-shirt so that you can wear them as part of any casual outfit without anybody being none the wiser.

The Benefits of Sweatproof Shirts

Admittedly, sweatproof shirts are an investment, costing more than your average fast-fashion tee. But they’re well worth it, able to offer benefits that a standard item of clothing simply can’t.

Sweat Wicking

None of us like the feeling of walking around in a soaking wet shirt because we sweated through it on a walk or during a hot day. Regular clothes just absorb sweat, getting heavy, moist, and uncomfortable. Sweatproof shirts, on the other hand, help to wick the moisture away from your body so you feel nice and dry.


Chances are if you’re sweating, it’s because you’re hot. After all, sweating is our body’s natural way of regulating our temperature. But you can also help cool yourself down even more by wearing a sweatproof shirt made of breathable, cooling fabric.

Absorbing Sweat

If you sweat heavily while wearing a standard shirt, it’ll most likely soak through your clothing, leading not only to unsightly sweat stains but also damaging the fabric of your top. With sweatproof clothes, you’ll be able to absorb the sweat in your underarm area so that it doesn’t stain or show through.

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7 Best Sweatproof Shirts for Women

1. Social Citizen
By far, the best sweatproof shirt on the market is made by Social Citizen. Not only are they highly effective at stopping sweat stains, but they’re super fashionable, finally giving you that effortless white tee look you’ve always been seeking. The underarm pads in Social Citizen sweatproof shirts are sewn from the inside, hiding all seams and any evidence that you’re even wearing a sweatproof shirt.

2. Thompson Tee

A leading company in sweatproof clothing, Thompson Tee uses a Hydro-Shield system to wick sweat away from the body. Note that their shirts are designed to be worn as undershirts under other clothing.

3. SweatShield Undershirt
Another company making sweatproof undershirts for women is Sweatshield, which uses cooling technology to help regulate your body temperature. Note that their women’s shirts only come in one extra-long cut made for easy tucking into bottoms.

4. Knix
Knix’s Don’t Sweat It T-Shirt is made of three layers to wick moisture, absorb sweat, and lock in perspiration so it doesn’t overflow onto the sleeves. Like many of the other shirts on this list, it’s designed as an undershirt, not a standalone piece.

5. ItsDri
ItsDri has recently introduced a version of its sweatproof undershirt for women. It’s made with modal fabric with a copper inner layer to fight body odor and a longer length to help it stay tucked in.

6. Kleinert
Kleinert’s undershirt is made with patented Sweat Shield technology and has added stretch to allow for comfortable movement. It comes with a few options: short or long sleeves, with or without enlarged underarm shields, and scoop neck or v-neck.

7. NanoDri
NanoDri’s Women's Sweat-Blocking undershirt is made with sweat absorption on the inside and sweat resistance on the outside. Its double-sided mesh is breathable, maximizing airflow and evaporation.

How Social Citizen Sweatproof T-Shirts Can Help You

If you ask us, buying a shirt that is only made to be worn under your other clothes is a bit of a bummer. If you’re already going to be spending money on a shirt carefully designed to prevent sweat stains, why not get a stylish t-shirt out of it, too? That’s where Social Citizen’s Social Tee comes in. It’s the best sweatproof shirt on the market that serves double duty both with fashion and function.

The women’s Social Tee comes in both a crew cut and a v-neck and in lots of different colors for you to choose from. Each one is guaranteed to stop 100% of sweat stains with a comfortable, naturally anti-microbial hidden underarm pad that fights odors while it absorbs sweat. Try out the Social Tee today to see the difference.

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