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Social Citizen on Dragons' Den

From TikTok to television, Social Citizen is excited to announce our recent spotlight on Dragons' Den.

The most exciting event in Social Citizen's history happened on May 4th. We pitched our fashionable sweat proof shirts to the Dragons on CBC's iconic TV show: Dragons' Den. The good news is, they love our shirts!

How Did This All Happen?

Our loyal customers know that we have a massive following on TikTok. A producer from CBC learned about our company and invited us to audition for the show. We studied our numbers, practiced our pitch and headed to Toronto to face the Dragons on set.

“Appearing on Dragons' Den was one of the most exciting events of my life! Being able to stand up in front of the country and represent all those who sweat excessively was a huge honour. A big thank you to all the support from CBC and our amazing customers!” - Max Shein, Founder of Social Citizen

Watch Social Citizen appear on Dragons’ Den. | Social Citizen

The Deal

Founder Max Shein and co-owner Steven Nadler set out seeking $100,000 for a share of the company.

Multi-millionaire investor Wes Hall tried on the Social Tee while the "Tech Titan" Michelle Romanow sprayed water into the underarm of the shirt. To the amazement of all the Dragons, no water leaked through the shirt.

Max shared details about his inspiration for starting the company and described the sweat proof technology inside Social Citizen shirts. Once Steven shared some relevant financial information, the Dragons were ready to decide if they were in or out.

After two exciting offers from Vince Guzzo and Manjit Minhas, our founders decided to go with Manjit's offer of $100,000 for 20% of the company!

About Social Citizen

Social Citizen sweat proof shirts are designed specifically to stop sweat stains - in fact, they’re guaranteed to stay 100% stain-free.

Made with comfortable, hidden underarm pads that absorb and stop sweat from showing on the outside of the shirt, the Social Tee is the only fashionable t-shirt that you can wear without having to worry about unsightly pit stains or awkward seams. Plus, the underarm pad is made with antibacterial bamboo to help fight odor as it’s fighting stains. Check it out in men’s cuts and women’s cuts!

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