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Is Your Sweat Ruining Your Best Clothes? Try These 15 Hacks for Sweatproof Clothing

Nothing kills the mood quite like the sight of sweat seeping through your clothes. We know that sweat stains are never in fashion, and what’s worse, they can ruin your favorite shirts even if you never forget to apply deodorant. 
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Is Your Sweat Ruining Your Best Clothes? Try These 15 Hacks for Sweatproof Clothing

Nothing kills the mood quite like the sight of sweat seeping through your clothes. We know that sweat stains are never in fashion, and what’s worse, they can ruin your favorite shirts even if you never forget to apply deodorant. 


You could struggle with sweating through your clothes because of heat, anxiety or hyperhidrosis. In any case, you deserve to still wear clothes you like and not worry about being embarrassed by sweat stains and body odor.


That’s why we’re here! Social Citizen makes sweat proof clothing affordable and accessible to everyone. But in addition to having a good collection of sweat proof shirts, you can also use these hacks to look and feel fresh no matter what life throws your way. 

How to Stop Sweat From Ruining Your Clothes

Sweat stains not only soil fabric; they can also wreak havoc on your self-confidence. Even a light-hearted jab from a friend, relative or coworker about your sweat can lead you feeling embarrassed and even ashamed. 

You might try to cover up, dress in dark colors and suffer through warm weather because you’re worried about others seeing how much you sweat. 

You should first seek to rule out any underlying medical conditions that could make you sweat more. Anxiety disorders, for example, are highly treatable, and you might find that therapy and/or medication helps curb your sweating.

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, there are a few ways that you can try to tackle your sweat and reduce the risk of sweat stains. 

  • Use a strong antiperspirant. Despite what you might think, deodorant doesn’t stop sweat. Instead, it’s designed to mask body odor and stop sweat stains from forming. However, if you struggle with sweaty underarms, then you need an antiperspirant. If you deal with excessive sweating no matter how much you wear, consider talking to your doctor. 
  • Avoid washing clothes too often. Over-laundering your clothes can wear down the fabric faster. This means you’re more likely to sport sweat stains even if you’ve doubled up on protection. 
  • Wear an Undershirt. A sweat proof shirt that comfortably fits under any of your other attire is a good way to stop stains from showing. Our sweat proof clothing features underarm padding for maximum coverage and reduced odor!
  • Look for a natural deodorant. Aluminum antiperspirants can be effective, but they could also be causing more noticeable stains under your arms. That’s because your sweat and the aluminum create a yellow color when they combine on your skin. You may want to try using a natural deodorant that’s free from aluminum, sulfates and synthetic ingredients to see if that makes your sweat less noticeable. 
  • Clothing Hacks for Sweating at Work

    At work, you want to always maintain a professional appearance. Sweat stains can quickly become an awkward focal point in any interaction. Even if no one points out your sweaty underarms, you’ll find it hard to feel your best when you’re trying to hide your sweat stains.

    What’s worse is that when you feel embarrassed about sweating, it can raise your stress and anxiety levels. This makes you sweat more, which only worsens the appearance of any stains under your arms.

    To help you avoid sweating through your business attire, here are a few helpful hacks. 

  •  Keep a change of clothes in your bag. Having a clean, dry shirt on-hand can give you peace of mind if you start to sweat heavily.
  • Use antiperspirant wipes. A pack of discreet deodorant wipes can help you spot-dry during the workday. Take them along on a regular bathroom break to freshen up. 
  • Keep a lightweight blazer by your desk. If you find yourself sweating through your work clothes, have a blazer handy so you can cover up at a moment’s notice. While this doesn’t help during the summer, you can always blame the chilly AC as your excuse for donning an extra layer. 
  • Clothing Hacks for Summer Weather

    Is Your Sweat Ruining Your Best Clothes? Try These 15 Hacks for Sweatproof Clothing

    Everyone sweats more during the summer, but for some people, the higher temperatures can make sweat stains a staple in their wardrobe. Not only does this leave you uncomfortable, but you also have to deal with making it through your day feeling sticky and self-conscious. 

    The good news is that warm weather offers some flexible options when it comes to hiding sweat stains.

  • Wear light colors. Dark colors can mask sweaty underarms, but they also cause you to sweat more by absorbing more UV rays from the sun. Instead of relying on your staple black t-shirt as a disguise, opt for lighter colors that keep you cooler and, as a result, less sweaty.
  • Wear a sweat proof shirt for outdoor excursions. Whether it’s a bike ride or backyard BBQ, you can wear a simple yet stylish sweat proof shirt to keep cool and avoid getting drenched. We make shirts for men and women that have a nifty bamboo pad in the underarms. That’s built-in protection to keep you feeling confident! 
  • Opt for loose-fitting clothes. The best part about summer attire is its naturally flowy, breathable fabric. Looser clothes that leave more space under your arms can prevent sweating and ward off stains. 
  • Invest in some cooling wipes. Did you know there are wipes specifically designed to help you stay cool? Cooling wipes gently cleanse and freshen your skin while helping you discreetly remove any excess sweat. 
  • Clothing Hacks for Air Conditioning 

    Some people struggle with sweating no matter what the temperature. If you find yourself dealing with sweat stains even with the AC on full blast, don’t worry. There are a few ways to stay dry without drawing attention to yourself. 

  • Use a padded, sweat proof shirt. You can rely on a sweat proof t-shirt to help you stay cool without collecting too much sweat. If you tend to notice stains build up under your arms, then wearing a shirt that’s slightly bigger than your usual size can help. Breathability is super important when it comes to the right sweat proof fabric. 
  • Cover up with a light overshirt. Whether it’s a cotton sweatshirt or your go-to cardigan, you can always add a thin top layer to mask any stains.
  • Layer tank tops. Adding a tank under your tee can give you some extra coverage and warmth without making you feel too stuffy.  
  • Tips to Keep Sweat at Bay

    Excessive sweating can be embarrassing, but you can keep it under wraps with the right clothes and habits. For example, you may want to keep a travel-size deodorant and some baby wipes on-hand when you’re out and about. This makes it easy to freshen up in your car or during a quick trip to the bathroom. 

    You should also be mindful of the fabrics you wear. Some fabrics gather sweat more than others, so they’ll lead to more noticeable stains. In the summer, go with airy cotton and linen blends. Avoid heavy polyester blends, rayon, wool, fleece and denim. 

    Staying hydrated can also help prevent more sweating. Drinking enough water is a simple way to maintain a good body temperature, which prevents you from sweating more often. 

    How Social Citizen Sweat Proof T-Shirts Can Help You

    Social Citizens’ conscious sweat proof clothing helps you stay comfortable and avoid any embarrassing stains. You can wear them for everyday outfits, at the gym or under your blouse or button-down at the office. 

    Thanks to our hidden underarm pads, our t-shirts last longer and look great no matter how much you sweat. The bamboo built-into our padding also has antimicrobial to fight off any odor-causing bacteria! 

    Find freedom in comfort with our sweat proof clothing. Click here to shop now!

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