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Ejis vs Social Citizen

Compare sweat-proof shirts by two leading brands, Ejis and Social Citizen. Both are effective at stopping sweat stains but provide different use cases.

Have you ever sweat through your clothes in public? If you have, you probably know how uncomfortable and embarrassing it can be. That’s why there’s been a boom of sweat-proof clothing companies in recent years that create products dedicated to helping prevent visible sweat stains and keep people cool and comfortable.

In this article, we’ll compare and contrast two American sweat-proof clothing companies, Ejis and Social Citizen.

What Is Ejis?

Ejis is a sweat-proof clothing company located in San Francisco, California. They began with the goal of helping the founders’ best friend overcome his personal sweating problem. This motivated Ejis’s creators to create a line of sweat-proof products aimed to help people feel more confident. Ejis’s tagline, “Wearable Confidence” points to the ultimate aim of their brand: to help people feel confident through clothing.

Ejis’s clothing is infused with odor-fighting silver and is designed to fit comfortably under clothes without bunching or crowding. Their clothing is waterproof and comes with a guarantee of stopping 100% of the wearer’s sweat from reaching their clothes. Ejis uses two technologies: Silvadur and Lenzing. Silvadur is a polymer-containing antimicrobial technology that releases silver ions when organisms land or form on the fabric. Lenzing is a micro modal fabric made from beech wood.

Ejis Products

Ejis’s product line is limited to men’s clothing. Their products include:

  • Micromodal undershirts with V-neck, crew neck, and deep V options
  • Cotton undershirts with V-neck, crew neck, and deep V options
  • A back and underarm sweat-proof undershirt
  • Boxers
  • Sock
  • Long-sleeve undershirts

Most of Ejis’s clothing comes in white, grey, and black.

Pros of Ejis

Some advantages of Ejis include the following.

Long-Lasting Technology

Ejis’s Silvadur technology has been tested independently by the International Antimicrobial Council, with results proving that it is still 99% effective after 50 washes. This suggests that the Ejis product is durable and long-lasting. Ejis also offers one shirt product to cover back sweat in addition to armpit sweat.


The beech wood that Ejis’s clothing is made out of is grown in an environmentally responsible manner. It’s composed of natural materials and the fabric is biodegradable. Additionally, the pulp-to-fiber process is energy-efficient and produces little waste.


Ejis’s micro modal fabric is sleek and ultra-soft. In fact, they claim it is twice as soft as cotton and can withstand multiple washes without degradation.

Cons of Ejis

Some customers have noted a few disadvantages of the Ejis product. These include the following.

Extra Care Requirements

Ejis’s clothing must be taken care of and washed extra carefully in order to stay durable and effective. The fabric is sensitive to high heat, bleach, and vinegar.


Some could find Ejis’s clothing uncomfortable. The clothing’s texture might feel warm and the armpit pad may feel noticeable while in movement.


The underarm pad in Ejis shirts may make a crinkling noise during wear.

What Is Social Citizen?
Compare Ejis and Social Citizen sweat-proof shirts for men. | Social Citizen

Social Citizen was founded in Canada in 2019 when the founder of Social Citizen, Max, experienced large underarm sweat stains at a dinner party. Max felt so embarrassed and insecure that he felt he had to do something.

Max noticed that no sweat-proof clothing company focused specifically on social situations, one of the contexts in which people worry about sweat the most. So Max made it his mission to create a shirt that was sweat-proof but still fashionable so that people could feel confident and look good in social situations.

That’s how Social Citizen was born. It’s the only sweat-proof shirt on the market that looks just like a regular t-shirt, made with an innovative sweat-proof pad composed of 3 layers:

  1. A water-resistant layer that feels like traditional t-shirt material
  2. An absorbent layer made of special materials that expand to absorb water and stop it from reaching the exterior of the shirt
  3. A waterproof layer made of some of the thinnest waterproof fabrics as a final stopping point for the remaining sweat

Most importantly, this sweat-proof pad is so thin that you can barely feel it, and nobody looking at you will spot it, even with your arms straight up in the air.

Social Citizen Products

Social Citizen makes both men’s and women’s shirts, including:

The shirts come in white, heather grey, black, army green, navy, and pink, as well as a three-pack with multiple colors included.

Pros of Social Citizen

First and foremost, Social Citizen is known for being super effective at stopping sweat stains. In fact, for some, it is the first sweat-proof shirt that’s ever worked for them.

“Truthfully they're the first sweatproof shirts to work for me. Most importantly, they did stop the sweat from showing.” - Claire

Customer Service
Even as a newer company, Social Citizen prioritized customer service to make sure that its customers are always happy.

“I wanted to order another shirt for my son super last minute before Christmas. the customer service agent went above and beyond to make sure it shipped after the warehouse closed before the holiday.” - Beatrice G.

One of the things that really makes Social Citizen stand out from the pack is how extremely comfortable the shirts are. In fact, many reviewers even say it’s hard to go back to wearing a “normal” shirt after getting used to the Social Tee.

Because insecurity is already a big issue for people who tend to get sweaty, it was important for Social Citizen to create a sweat-proof shirt that wouldn’t read to other people as “sweat-proof.” That’s why they designed a fashionable t-shirt that looks just like any other shirt. This makes a huge difference to people’s confidence.

“I don’t know how I could go out without this again. The confidence is different!!” - Lauren

Cons of Social Citizen

With a nearly 5-star rating, Social Citizen’s customers don’t have too much to complain about. However, it is worth noting that the Social Tee is not designed as an undershirt but rather to be worn proudly. As such, the fit isn’t cut slim enough to make it totally disappear under another shirt - although some people still find success in wearing Social Citizen products as undershirts.

Also, as a newer company, Social Citizen’s product range is not too wide - yet. With customers reporting that the shirts work wonders.

Compare Ejis and Social Citizen by color. | Social Citizen

Comparing Ejis and Social Citizen

If you’re reading this guide in order to get help deciding whether to buy a sweat-proof clothing product from Ejis or Social Citizen, let us break things down for you.

First of all, Ejis offers products only for men. If you’re looking for clothing for women, Social Citizen is definitely the way to go. That being said, Ejis has a wider line of sweat-proof products for men including socks, underwear, and long-sleeve shirts. Because Social Citizen does not currently offer products like these, it makes sense to purchase them from Ejis.

The good news is that both companies are known to be effective at stopping sweat stains. Either one you go with will be able to give you the confidence that you’re not going to sweat through your clothes. The main sweat-proof difference is that Ejis offers one product designed to cover both the armpits and the back.

Beyond that, though, the products are different. Ejis sells exclusively garments that are meant to be worn under other clothing. They are not designed to be seen. In contrast, Social Citizen’s sweat-proof shirts are meant to be worn on their own. They are designed to look like a stylish shirt that can’t be identified as a sweat-proof garment. The underarm pad is totally discreet.

You also might find that the Social Citizen product is more comfortable than Ejis’s. The hidden underarm pad is quite thin and you shouldn’t be able to feel it throughout the day.

How to Choose Sweat Proof Shirts

Ejis and Social Citizen are two reputable sweat-proof clothing companies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

The choice between the two will depend on your personal preferences and needs. Men who are looking for clothing to wear under other garments might prefer Ejis. Social Citizen, on the other hand, may be a better choice for men and women who want more stylish clothing.

Ultimately, whether you're looking for a wider range of products or more fashionable and comfortable clothing, there's a sweat-proof solution out there for everyone.

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