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The 5 Best Deodorants For Men

There are tons of deodorants that make bold promises. Your guide for the best deodorants to stop excessive sweating is here.
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You've been using deodorant your whole life but did you know that some deodorants actually have clinical strength antiperspirant to help with your excessive sweating?

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If you want the real recipe for how to get rid of sweat stains, you should combine a new antiperspirant deodorant found in this article with a Social Tee, the best sweat-proof T-Shirt on the market.

1. Degree Men Clinical Pro Clean Antiperspirant

This clinical strength antiperspirant made by Degree was created for those who sweat excessively. The protection from sweat stains is said to last up to 24 hours and keeps you fresh for whatever sort of activities make you sweat.

2. Arm & Hammer Essentials Deodorant

The classic Arm & Hammer recipe is used to fight odours and the best part is, it's natural and uses plant extracts to achieve the fresh and clean smell. While this may not be the toughest clinical strength antiperspirant, it's a more natural approach to smelling and feeling good. This would be an excellent product to combine with our natural sweat-proof T-Shirt to ensure you never get sweat stains again!
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 3. Gillette's Clear Gel Cool Wave Antiperspirant

How many companies know more about the needs of men than Gillette? They claim that this clear gel antiperspirant increases your confidence when you use it. The wetness protection and odour blockers are some of the industries best.

4. Menscience Advanced Deodorant

Any person who sweats knows that sooner rather than later, they'll get lasting yellow stains on the underarms of their shirts. Menscience claims that their deodorant is non-staining along with its long lasting odour elimination.  

5. Mitchum Advanced Control Deodorant

This is some good clinical grade stuff. However, if you get irritated by the most powerful antiperspirants, this is a small step down in intensity to help you feel confident like you should. With the goal of combating wetness, this deodorant could be a difference maker.
To get the best results for your sweat stains, make sure you use a combination of one of these antiperspirants with other tips and tricks such as trimming your underarm hair, taking time to relax and of course using the one and only Social Tee from our shop.

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