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Stress And Sweating

Stress is a common cause of sweating. Sweating can cause more stress! Learn about the cycle and how you can end it.

Let's talk about stress and sweating.

"Can other people see my sweat stains?"

"If someone hugs me, will they feel how wet my back is?"

"Should I go to the bathroom to towel off again?"

There are stressful situations and then there are those same situations with the added stress of visible sweat stains.


Right now, social situations are the most stressful they've ever been. The world is upside down due to Covid-19, racial injustice and tensions are rising between countries worldwide. The habits and behaviours we have become so used to over the years are changing rapidly and for who knows how long. Manoeuvring ourselves throughout the social world requires vigilance and caution which can cause a lot of extra stress.


More than deaths, more than infections and more than hate we see a common theme through it all: a rise in anxiety. Anxiety unites the world in a way that no virus can. We all feel it in different ways and at different times. Looking after our mental health by breathing and performing the activities that bring us are are very important step to getting through this difficult time.

The beginning to a solution

Social Citizen is around to support those who deal with excessive sweating to feel better in the one way we know how. While our Social Tee is available for people who sweat for any number of reasons, the biggest reason is for Social Anxiety.

Often, when we are put in uncomfortable social situations we feel anxious and a physical symptom of anxiety can be excessive sweating. While that's a completely normal reaction, it doesn't make it comfortable. If you need help with your underarm sweat stains visit our shop!

Note: If you're someone who's interested in our product but aren't able to afford it at full price right now, shoot us an e-mail at and we can arrange a discount code :

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