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5 Ways To Get Rid Of Sweat Stains On Your Clothes

Sweat stains on clothes can look embarrassing and gross. They don't have to be there and we want to show you how. Read more...
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Do you ever get so sweaty to the point that you're embarrassed about your underarm sweat stains? Simple solution: The Social Tee.
white t-shirt for hyperhidrosis sweat stains underarm excessive

Those who sweat excessively often deal with unfortunate sweat stains under their arms and sometimes they even turn into permanent yellow stains.

Here are 5 tips and tricks to get you living worry-free about underarm sweat stains:

1. Wear a Social Citizen T-Shirt

Social Citizen offers a T-Shirt with thin sweat-proof technology hidden inside the underarm of the shirt. The Social Tee is designed to be fashionable, comfortable and it completely eliminates underarm sweat stains!
white t-shirt no sweat stains underarm
Often wearing an undershirt causes more heat to be trapped, which causes individuals to sweat even more. The Social Tee looks exactly like a regular T-Shirt but solves the frustrating issue that is underarm sweat stains. See how the Social Tee works here!

2. Wear an undershirt.

Cheap undershirts can offer a layer of protection between your skin and your favourite pieces of clothing. This can reduce sweat stains but as we know, if you sweat enough, it will come through. That's why we first recommend the Social Tee rather than an undershirt.

3. Trim Your Underarm Hair

Underarm hair can create a lot of unnecessary heat, trap in the sweat allowing it to linger and can also store unwanted bacteria. With a trim, less of that is likely to occur!

4. Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant

The trick here is to put the clinical strength anti-perspirant on before bed and allow it to dry completely before putting on your clothes in the morning. This way, your underarm will be less likely to sweat as much and you can avoid dreadful yellow stains. You can find a high quality anti-perspirant at your local pharmacy.

5. Be quick to wash your clothes!

Sweat stains are likely to turn your favourite shirts yellow the longer they get to linger on your shirt. Throw your clothing in the wash as soon as possible to make sure they stay fresh for a long time.

Social Citizen T-Shirts solve all these issues without having to do any of the extra work.

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