Smelly armpits and armpit odor. | Social Citizen

Armpit Odor: How to Get Rid of Smelly Armpits

Smelly armpits can be a major bother. Know where to draw the line when it's time to get rid of armpit odor.
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How to Get Deodorant Stains Out of Shirts

Whether treating a white or black shirt, there's a good chance your deodorant stains can be removed.
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The Best Fabrics for Sweating

We outline the best fabrics to wear if you're someone who suffers from excessive sweating.
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How to Prevent Armpit Sweat Stains

Underarm sweat stains are common and frustrating. Learn how to prevent them today, saving your shirts and your self-esteem.
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Thompson Tee vs Social Citizen

Compare sweat-proof shirts by two leading brands. Both provide high-quality shirts and fantastic customer service but have different use cases.
Sweating At Work: Is it Normal?

Sweating At Work: Is it Normal?

When work feels stressful, it's easy to break a sweat. Learn how to prevent and manage sweating at work in a variety of ways.
How to get sweat stains out of shirts? | Social Citizen

How to Get Sweat Stains Out of Shirts

You don't have to live with armpit stains, neck stains or lower back stains. Relieve the stress and look your best!
How to Remove Sweat Smells from Clothes

How to Remove Sweat Smells from Clothes

Sweat, must and mildew smells in clothes can be removed in many simple ways, and even prevented!
Why Do Armpits Smell?

Why Do Armpits Smell?

Everyone's armpits smell, but why do some smell more than others? What does this smell mean?